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Benefits of the treatment

Our experience and in-depth research of each raw material helps us determine the proper values for appropriate treatment and maximum efficiency.

Maíz cocido en copos Cascarilla de guisante granulada Colza cocida y expandida Guisante cocido en copos Arroz cocido en copos Avena cocida en copos
Cebada cocida en copos Haba caballar cocida en copos Soja cocida y expandida Trigo cocido en copos Concentrado de proteína Concentrado de Almidón

We ensure the protein structure integrity: By using milder temperatures, we eliminate the anti-nutritional factors, preventing the Maillard reactions typical in harsher treatments.

Correct handling of starch:By using more water and steam than in other harsher treatments, we can ensure that there is no retrograded starch, which is more indigestible than starch in its natural state.

Palatability:Food taste is enhanced with processes involving cooking processes.

Raw materials are treated separately:Each raw material boasts optimum treatment conditions (moisture, temperature and time) that give them the best characteristics in terms of digestibility.

Choice of mixtures: Customization and mix of products according to customer needs..