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Through a continuous mixer, we add water to achieve the moisture necessary for appropriate processing of each cereal/legume.


We boil each product separately in a continuous-flow four-section reactor. There, we add water and steam at high pressures (as per the particular needs of each recipe). In this process, moisture reaches 35-40% at temperatures of 100-115 °C. This process lasts approximately one hour, ensuring proper cooking without damaging the components of each food.

Laminating (cereals only)

Cereals undergo a crushing process with two smooth rollers and steam to fix the starch structure.

Expanding (legumes only)

This hydrothermal process is performed by a high-pressure and high-temperature expander in a short period (less than 5 seconds). The aim is to achieve the breakage of cell walls, making nutrients more digestible and ensuring greater destruction of anti-nutritional factors.

Drying and cooling

This process begins with a dryer/cooler comprising three extract conveyor belts, one for drying and two for cooling. The process lasts 15 minutes and results in products with less than 14% moisture and a temperature of 20 °C.